Examine everything; not all is as it seems or as people tell you.

Along with his Bachelors in Digital Design, Lindley White has been pursuing web technologies since his early teenage years. Foregoing the traditional teachings of Computer Science he took interest in the principles of design and the theory of what makes unique things beautiful.

After some time of designing different things, he knew that ultimately he would want to design and develop great ideas on the Web. He took up the task of learning web development, which has lead him down the same path he follows today. His penchant for learning hasn't stopped; and you can find him currently reading several books spanning multiple disciplines.

Over the last few years, he has worked for Blendtec (yes, Will It Blend) as a full-stack developer building out their e-commerce platform, and internal tools for their blenders. Then taking a position at Mojo Marketplace as their Lead Developer building experiences within several hosting brands including Bluehost and Hostgator. Currently, he is working a site reliability engineer using his development skills to build deploy platforms for Teem.com.